Why Customer Experience is crucial for Services Providers in the years to come

Kaspar Roos |

I  recently read the APAC BPO Market Report 2019, produced by operational improvement consultancy firm Enlighten, which is based in Sydney, Australia. It’s a fascinating report that provides some much-needed commentary on the state of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market. I often get asked whether the shift to insourcing (of communications design) in the CCM market is the result of a fundamental change, or more of a short-term effect driven by increased digital transformation activities that will eventually swing back when BPO has digitally matured. This report provides some pointers, but keep in mind it is based on observations in the APAC market and it’s not clear how many respondents were surveyed. 

For Business Process Outsourcing customers (typically large enterprises), a few very interesting observations stand out: